Central Business Office

Who to Contact for Pharmacy
Who to Contact for Pharmacy
as of June 1, 2016
Item Contact
Alcohol approvals Maggie Merry (via eRequest)
Asset Management Tami Boldman/Casey Hoerig
Building issues Tami Boldman
Transaction approvals Adam Betz (via eRequest)
Chartfield Requests Adam Betz (temporarily)
Chartfield use guidance Adam Betz
Conflict of Interest Jeanne Green/Cynthia Carnes
Cost-sharing questions Joy Scott
Delegation of Signature Authority Maggie Merry
Endowment/Development Fund questions Adam Betz (temporarily)
eSignature access information Maggie Merry
External Contracts non-purchasing (Contract portal) Adam Betz
Faculty Recruitment - Fiscal Maggie Merry
Faculty Recruitment - HR Gail Vornholt
Financials access Maggie Merry (temporarily)
Fiscal Policy Exceptions Adam Betz/Maggie Merry
GL Questions Adam Betz (temporarily)
HR Access Gail Vornholt
HR Personnel Issues Gail Vornholt/Emily Howard
HR Policy Exceptions Gail Vornholt
Internal Contracts Maggie Merry (via eSignature)
Journal (Expense Transfer Issues) Adam Betz (temporarily)
Merchant PCI Compliance Adam Betz/Maggie Merry
Monthly Financial reporting Adam Betz (temporarily)/Joy Scott (release time)
MOU Questions Maggie Merry
OSP Access Joy Scott
PBA/Schedule C Maggie Merry
Phone Issues Division Coordinator/Linda Emmenegger
Policy Questions Joy Scott/Linda Emmenegger
Post-90 day DRD on Grants Joy Scott
Purchasing Process Questions Linda Emmenegger/Adam Betz
Purchasing – IT Equipment Casey Hoerig
Release Time Appointment Questions Joy Scott
Research Conflict of Interest Jeanne Green/Cynthia Carnes
Safety issues Jeanne Green
Start-up funding questions Adam Betz (temporarily)
Surplus Tami Boldman
Travel Process Questions Joy Scott/Linda Emmenegger
Visa (J1, H1B) Emily Howard