Jessica Wood
Graduate Studies Coordinator

217 Lloyd M. Parks Hall
500 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Graduate Studies Program Overview

red gelBecause the scope of pharmaceutical sciences is so broad, our graduate program has a number of specialty disciplines:

Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy focuses on the interdisciplinary application of chemical, biochemical, and molecular principles to the identification and development of therapeutic agents. This includes both synthesis of new chemical entities and isolation of medicinal agents from natural sources (pharmacognosy).

Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry focuses on
pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, with a special emphasis on drug delivery and targeting systems.

Pharmacology focuses on determination of biochemical and physiological mechanisms by which drugs exert their effects.

Translational Science conducts research across the interface from the laboratory bench to the patient bedside.

Health-Systems Pharmacy Administration is a subspecialty within pharmaceutical administration. The major focus of this program is to educate and train pharmacists to conceptualize, plan, coordinate and evaluate pharmaceutical care in organized health care settings. 

Master of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research (MACPR)

The Master of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research (MACPR) program is a new interdisciplinary graduate degree program offered entirely online by the colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University.Graduate Students