Scholarship Information for Doctor of Pharmacy Students

Doctor of Pharmacy students are encouraged to contact Kelly Crum with questions regarding their scholarship and financial aid eligibility and packages.

Pharmacy student

The College of Pharmacy Scholarship is a need-based scholarship that is available for all enrolled PharmD students who have shown need through the FAFSA process. This scholarship is automatically awarded to P1—P4 students during financial aid packaging. This scholarship varies in amount each year depending on available funds and the number of qualifying students. Students are encouraged to complete their FAFSA by the priority deadline (February 15) to be considered for this scholarship.

The College of Pharmacy Merit Scholarship is an academic performance based scholarship for P2—P4 students. This scholarship is automatically awarded during the financial aid packaging process. This scholarship varies in amount each year depending on available funds. The GPA to determine eligibility for this scholarship changes based on the overall academic performance of the students in the program. Typically, students with above a 3.5 GPA would be in contention for this scholarship.

The remaining scholarships available through the College of Pharmacy are awarded through special processes. The Cardinal Health and the APCO scholarships are awarded through individual processes detailed in the description of each scholarship. All other College of Pharmacy PharmD scholarships are awarded through the Doctor of Pharmacy Scholarship Application, which can be completed each spring semester by P1—P3 students. Completing the application will allow students to be considered for scholarships for the upcoming summer—spring academic year.

Please look for an email from the Student Affairs Office with a link to the application during Spring semester.

Please click on the links below to read the descriptions and eligibility requirements for available scholarships.